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  • Female Moral–Doctrinal Authority in the Middle Ages


Friday 14 May 2021


Female Moral–Doctrinal Authority in the Middle Ages

UNISA on Teams

14 May 2021

h 10.00–16.00 Central European Standard Time

H 10.00 Introduction: Francesca Dell’Acqua, UNISA, fdellacqua@unisa.it

H 10.15 Keynote lecture (20 min): Ανδρεία Θεοτόκος: The Virgin of Valour in the work of George of Nicomedia; Speaker: Niki Tsironis, Institute for Historical Research–National Hellenic Research Foundation, niki.tsironi@gmail.com

Morning Session (20 min each paper; 5 min q&a)

Chair: Mary B. Cunningham

H 10.45 The Auctoritas of Spinners: Mary, Eve, and the Female Leader; Speaker: Emily Shartrand, University of Delaware, English Language Institute, eshartra@udel.edu

H 11.15 Authorizing Grief: Marian Laments and Gendered Mourning in the Later Middle Ages; Speaker: Vanessa R. Corcoran, Georgetown University, vc475@georgetown.edu

H 11.45 Mary as Preacher and Priest in the sermons of Archbishop Jenštejn and contemporary works of art (1378–96); Speaker: Juliette Calvarin, jcalvarin@g.harvard.edu or juliette.calvarin@gmail.com

Presentation of ongoing research (10 mins each; 5 min q&a)

H 12.15 The Virgin on the Sarcophagus of Zaragoza: Uniqueness and… Auctoritas? Speaker: Francesca Carota, MA student, UNISA; f.carota@studenti.unisa.it

H 12. 30 The Importance of Being Bisantia: Names and Authority in Medieval Salerno; Speaker: Jessica Varsallona, PhD University of Birmingham/VASARI project, UNISA, jessica.varsallona@gmail.com

Afternoon Session (20 min each paper; 5 min q&a)

Chair: Francesca Dell’Acqua

H 14.30 The Authority of Mary Magdalene in the Basilica di San Francesco at Assisi; Speaker: Nieve Cassidy, MA student, University College London, nieveanne@outlook.com

H 15.00 Female Authority in Late Byzantine Mystras: Isabelle de Lusignan Basilissa of Morea; Speaker: Andrea Mattiello, Christies’ Education, andrea.mattiello@icloud.com

Presentation of ongoing research (10 mins each; 5 min q&a) d

H 15.30 Mothers, Saints, Queens and the Virgin Mary. The Shaping of Ottonian Queenship; Speaker: Miriam Sorrentino, MA student, UNISA, m.sorrentino102@studenti.unisa.it

H 15.45 The Depiction of Eve’s Motherhood in the Ninth-Century Touronian Bibles; Speaker: Cynthia Bailon, MA student, UNISA, c.bailonabad@studenti.unisa.it